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Resident Clinic

Resident Clinic refers to a clinic housed within the Primary Care Center. It serves the general health care needs, including preventive care, care of chronic medical problems and urgent problems, of adult, pediatric and adolescent patients. The residents are graduate osteopathic physicians and are in an accredited osteopathic graduate medical education program which serves the purpose of teaching and educating our future osteopathic doctors.

During this clinic, each patient is seen by both a Resident Physician (a doctor who has finished medical school and is in residency training) and a Faculty Physician who will supervise and teach during the first six months of the first year of training.  After this time the Faculty Physician will be present during procedures and in complex cases. The resident discusses all patients with the attending Faculty Physician prior or shortly after the patients are seen. Below is a list of the current RCBC Residents;       

Dr. Marissa Zajac, PGY 3 ONMM

Dr. Josephine Shen, PGY 3 ONMM  

Dr. Kevin Hennenhoefer, PGY 2 ONMM

Dr. Eren Ural, PGY 2 ONMM    

Dr. Alex Egerter, PGY 1 ONMM Intern

Dr. Kelly Fuchs, PGY 1 ONMM Intern